[Mechanize-users] Response To Form Submission Hanging

Andrew Stewart boss at airbladesoftware.com
Fri Dec 8 04:46:13 EST 2006


> I don't have any specific ideas based off of your logs.  But this
> problem reminded me that I've seen Net::HTTP (specifically mongrel
> and webrick, but they both use it)  do some non-standard things and
> trip up browsers.  Maybe you're seeing something similar?


> Personally I would use Charles to debug it to see if there are any
> marked differences between what the browser is doing and what
> mechanize is doing.  It's shareware, so you can only run it for like
> 30 minutes at a time.  But I find that's long enough to debug most
> issues.

Thanks for the pointer to Charles -- I didn't know of it and it looks  

> Good luck!  Maybe Aaron will have some more ideas for you.

Let's hope!

Thanks and regards,
Andy Stewart

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