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Deb Lewis djlewis at acm.org
Fri Apr 6 17:55:25 EDT 2007

ditto [tho I don't mind :dest rather than :destination].  But I definitely
lean towards clear names at the expense of a bit more verbosity vs. unix-ish
crypticness like :src.

IMO generally easier for people to work with libraries when there's a clear
point of view on abbrevations [not], then they don't have to remember what
this package's favorite variation of abbreviations are some set of
termininology.  Doesn't eliminate the need/importance of clear, consistent
choice of names on the part of the developer, but makes it easier for
clients I think.

~ Deb 

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The hash is fine from my perspective but personally I prefer less
abbreviated names, :source vs :src and especially :extensions or :types vs

David Koontz

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