[Masterview-users] Fwd: New Directives courtesy of Sergey Shalatskiy

Jeff Barczewski jeff.barczewski at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 09:57:37 EDT 2006

MasterView users,

Sergey Shalatskiy has created a few additional directives for MasterView. I
planned on reviewing and adding test cases around them before adding to
project, but since I got delayed in doing this I wanted to post these to the
list in case so that in the meantime if anyone needed one of these they
could take advantage of them.

I do plan to follow through with creating test cases and making this part of
the core project asap.

The directives include: form_remote, hidden_field, link_to_function, silent,
text_area_tag, text_field_tag (the last two might be enhancements over the
core directives?)

Thanks so much for Sergey to provide these.

I plan to create a web app on masterview.org that would facilitate sharing
of directives. This would allow people to share easily and keep the project
moving in interesting directions.

So if you are needing one of these directives, feel free to try out
Sergey's. You can drop these into your vendor/plugins/masterview/directives
folder and they should be loaded on startup. If you have any problems with
any of them let me know. Then in the near future I will have tests around
them and we are working on simplifying the api for directives to make it
easier and more intuitive to create. Stay tuned.


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From: Sergey Shalatskiy <sshalatskiy at mdlogix.com>
Date: Jul 6, 2006 6:25 PM
Subject: Re: MasterView generation from existing rhtml
To: Jeff Barczewski <jeff.barczewski at gmail.com>

 Hi Jeff,

I gave MasterView a try, and understood much more about it, IMHO.
Also, I fixed a couple of bugs and wrote some extra directives (mainly by
blatantly cutting and pasting your code).
I've tested it with Ajax components, and it works fine, so I am sending you
the units, if you are interested in the feedback (haven't written any tests,
How is the new development going?


Sergey Shalatskiy

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*To:* Sergey Shalatskiy <sshalatskiy at mdlogix.com>
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*Subject:* Re: MasterView generation from existing rhtml

I just got through chatting with the other main developer and she agrees
with you, so it will be something that I will move up higher on the todo
list :-) It will be a big help if people can pull in their existing site in
addition to creating new pages. Make adoption easy.

Thanks again for the suggestion!

On 6/26/06, Sergey Shalatskiy <sshalatskiy at mdlogix.com > wrote:
> IMHO, this feature will be the deciding factor for marketing MasterView.
> The
> idea and original implementation are
> escellent, but the ability to create html from existing files in the
> application will be crucial to success of the project.

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