[Masterview-devel] Your keyword changes look good, lets commit them Re: What I really want for {template_path} substitution semantics

Deb Lewis djlewis at acm.org
Mon Jun 19 18:14:32 EDT 2006

>> Your keyword expander changes look good, lets go ahead and turn those on.
ok, I'll flip the toggle switch over the "new and improved version" and
clean out the transition kruft when I have time tonight.
note to selves: directives.html need a section added to describe this new
keyword expansion feature.
one other possible tweak: maybe either a separate flavor of expand_keywords
or a defaulted parm so that the extra checking for whether to automatically
append .rhtml extension is only incurred by directives that need that
functionality?  (i.e., generate/import guys)
this would need to be hooked up in the proper places in parser/analyzer, so
I hadn't pursued that on first round of revision proposal.
~ Deb
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