[Masterview-devel] Plugin generator for gem installation

Jeff Barczewski jeff.barczewski at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 09:28:14 EDT 2006

Good catch! I did change the spec and so it probably does pull too much
stuff into each gem, sorry I misunderstood you. I will go correct those
specs to be specific again.

I will take a look at the install guide.

Yes a nice top level index for docs would be great. If you have time and
want to start on this then that would be wonderful! I am heads down on
videos and after that a start of a release announcement which I will run by
you for approval. But you are right in that we need a structured index page
for the site for the launch too. If you have time to start breaking up lets
go for it. I will help once done with the other parts.


On 6/18/06, Deb Lewis <djlewis at acm.org> wrote:
>  I just did rebuild of the gems today to test.  Take a look at the
> generator rakefiles - you just changed both of them w/in the past few days
> to change from explicit masterview-XX-rb to "*.rb" in the include spec.
> Just finished working through rewrite for new doc/installation.html, after
> going through all the scenarios and (re)testing all the command descriptions
> etc.  Go over it and make any changes/additions I missed on this pass (or
> send me reminder of which areas to fix).
> I don't think I capture all the recent tweaks about admin stylesheets and
> auto-install of prototype settings files, we need to pick those up on
> another pass.
> Should I go ahead and start breaking up the original top-level index.htmlinto separate doc's or is that something you want to look at?  Suggest a
> main intro page, stripped down to overview and links to all the key
> sub-docs: install, config, User's Guide (doc/guide.html) and Directives
> Reference (doc/directives.html)
> ~ Deb
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