[Masterview-devel] On default config values for dir locations(templates, directives)

Deb Lewis djlewis at acm.org
Wed Jun 7 17:03:40 EDT 2006

RE; default template src dir
>> if we wanted to so something like app/masterview in the meantime we could

>> since that has the advantage of being the same subdirectory depth as

I think I like do like that better than lurking down in
app/views/masterview, so I'll go ahead and make that change to the default
>> think about ways where they could reuse the custom directives across
>> want to make sure to have a way for directives to be loaded in other
Yep, and in fact I'll probably do exactly that.  Just append any ol' path
name you want to config.directive_paths in your settings.rb or env config.
But it would be nice to have a convenient "if you have the conventional
directives dir in your rails app we'll load it automagically".  I'll put in
app/masterview/directives for now and test-drive it with something to make
sure it "feels good" in the overall organization of my app.
still contemplating your caps plan B fallback for import/gen directives -
it's a bit grating, I do prefer "{template_path}" over "TEMPLATE_PATH".
Making the notation itself configurable seems like a bad idea - the basic
notation should be simple and standard.
Trying to find the right name to fit with "standard" file system terminology
and the existing File protocol in ruby.  File::basename get you just the
base file name w/out path or extension, so maybe "base path" captures the
no-ext intent?
Don't like CONTROLLER and ACTION - that may happen to be what those elements
of a path represent, but it's not necessarily so.  And there's potentially
diffs in url path fragments vs. controller impl structures.  So I think the
notions we allow to be expressed in the keywords we support should be
restricted just to the concepts of the template file living in some relative
scope of the file system structure - thus just name, extension,
full/relative paths.
>> Typically keyword expansion is only needed on generate, gen_* and import*
>> so by having it default to on only for those it doesn't affect most other
Take a stronger point of view: these *are* the only directives that this
applies to.  Let's don't open it to other directives until there's a clear
need and an understanding of what might be appropriate.  [don't invent
overly general mechanism until we need it - YAGNI]
~ Deb
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