[Masterview-devel] On using your own tools

Deb Lewis djlewis at acm.org
Sat Jun 3 18:25:52 EDT 2006

thought of the day: we ought to be able to use MasterView to generate its
own documentation

I'm going through the initializer to clean up the (somewhat inadvertent)
assumptions and dependencies about existing solely w/in a rails app context,
which we need to solve so the unit tests run, and working on rdoc commentary
plus separate config guide (doc/configuration.html).

insight 1: it's a worthy goal #4 in its own right to assert that while
MasterView is principally intended for use as a Rails plugin, it ought to be
equally usable independent of rails

insight 2: as soon as I start sketching out more than one doc to go into the
doc dir, I decide... I really want a standard page framing layout on all
these docs (masterview banner, some std nav to link back to the main home
doc so reader can easily jump around between user guide, directives ref,
config guide...).  Wait a minute - MV does that!

Whaddya know - this is exactly the scenario I started out trying to solve
for my own rails app - I want to work on my content pages as complete
standalone html pages, but I want to publish them with a standard layout
across a set of pages (without manually replicating the framing)

~ Deb

p.s. we need a stylesheet for the doc directory at some point

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