[Rant] Rant 0.5.6 released

Stefan Lang langstefan at gmx.at
Fri May 26 13:27:53 EDT 2006

== What's new in this release?

This is mainly a bugfix release.

Fixes and minor improvements:

* Package::Zip, Package::Tgz: Fix bug where a file
  that starts with the package name wouldn't be included in the
  package. (Reported and fixed by Kevin Burge.)

* Fixed: The C source file scanner used by the
  C::Dependencies task was confused by C-style single-line

* Fix a typo in the C::Dependencies task which affected the
  :search option. (Reported by Kevin Burge.)

* RubyTest no longer uses testrb as test runner per default. Thus
  it works on systems without testrb now (e.g. Debian based
  systems).  The old behaviour can be enabled by setting the loader
  attribute to :testrb. A patch was provided by Max Nickel.

New features:

* The C::Dependencies task accepts the new option
  :correct_case, which is useful on case-insenstive
  file systems. (Patch provided by Peter Allin.)
  Read doc/c.rdoc for documentation.

  Example usage:

     import "c/dependencies"
     gen C::Dependencies, :correct_case => true

* The method Rant::Sys.root_dir?.
  Read doc/sys.rdoc for documentation.

== Installing Rant

You can install Rant as a RubyGem:

    % gem install --remote rant

or download the package from 
and install with install.rb:

    % ruby install.rb

== Resources

Homepage:: visit http://make.ruby-co.de
Rubyforge page:: http://rubyforge.org/projects/make/
Repository:: http://developer.berlios.de/svn/?group_id=5046

Naming suggestions, feature requests for further Rant development,
etc. are welcome!


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