[Mailr] Causing mailr to use LOGIN command instead of AUTHENTICATE?

Michael Smith smith at xml-doc.org
Mon Dec 12 06:46:54 EST 2005

Hi Luben,

You wrote:

> It is possible to cause mailr to send a "login" command now. Could you
> please update to revision 144 and add the following line to your
> config/site.rb file:
> :imap_auth => 'NOAUTH'

Thanks! I should have checked for replies before sending out my
previous message. Anyway, having an explicit NOAUTH value to
toggle authentication off is definitely better than my suggestion
of checking for an empty-string value for imap_auth.

> It would be better if we could use "capability" command to find whether
> the server supports "authenticate",

Yeah, I was also thinking that would probably be good.

> but unfortunately on my installation of Courier IMAP the
> "capability" command does not return "AUTH=LOGIN" or
> "AUTH=PLAIN" although the server supports them.

Which is why I guess it's always a good idea to give users an
option for forcing the simplest behavior (in this case, the change
you've just added for causing a direct "login" instead of

Thanks again for the fix and for the quick response.


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