[Mailr] Mailr should work with BincIMAP now

Robin Bowes robin-lists at robinbowes.com
Sun Aug 7 18:23:48 EDT 2005

Luben Manolov wrote:

 > Hi Robin,
 > Good news :)
 > I think I've managed to fix the problem with BincIMAP.
 >>> We are using the ruby Net::IMAP library. I didn't know that SORT 
was not a standard IMAP command (it's included in Net::IMAP).
 >>> Apparently in order to support BincIMAP (and other IMAP servers I 
guess) we have to refactor the code and get rid of the usage of SORT 
IMAP command (replace it with sorting the messages in mailr instead).
 >> I guess you need to issue a CAPABILITY command and self-configure 
according to what the server reports.
 > This is exactly what has been implemented. (see changeset 
 >>> BincIMAP support is posted as ticket, so I hope to have some time 
soon to try to fix this.
 >> OK. Let me know when it's in and I'll try again.
 > Could you please try it again? It works for me now but it's better to 
have independent test.

Hi Luben,

I've just tried again and am getting an error.

I've updated from svn and saw that the imap_backend.db file was updated.

I restarted apache (to restart the FastCGI processes and started 
drb_services.rb again.

The application crashes with the following in production.log:

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `sort_by' for nil:NilClass) 
on line
#76 of /webmail/webmail/messages.rhtml:
73:         </tr>
74:       </thead>
75:       <tbody>
76:         <% for message in @messages %>
77:         <%= render_partial 'webmail/webmail/message_row', message %>
78:         <% end %>
79:       </tbody>

Am I doing something wrong?


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