[libxml-devel] [PATCH] Support for Ruby 1.9

Felipe Contreras felipe.contreras at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 06:13:53 EST 2008

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 10:52 AM, Charlie Savage <cfis at savagexi.com> wrote:
> Hi Felipe,
>> Basically $SUBJECT. I tested this with Ruby 1.9.1-preview1.
> Applied except this part:
> -    st_foreach(RHASH(nslist)->tbl, iterate_ns_hash, self);
> +    st_foreach(RHASH_TBL(nslist), iterate_ns_hash, self);
> RHASH_TBL doesn't exist in Ruby 1.8.6 as far as I can see.

Right, I wonder how I got it to compile... anyway:

#ifdef RHASH_TBL
	st_foreach(RHASH_TBL(nslist), iterate_ns_hash, self);
	st_foreach(RHASH(nslist)->tbl, iterate_ns_hash, self);

> ps - next time better to use RubyForge to post the patch so it doesn't get
> lost

Right, I tried to do that first but I got the RubyForge account
several days after I requested it.


Felipe Contreras

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