[libxml-devel] Ruby libxslt not working with exslt() extensions

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Wed Nov 19 03:16:20 EST 2008


> However I tried to transform a xml docbook file using Docbook xslt. The 
> transformation fails because of a reference to a exslt() function:
>> > result = stylesheet.apply(xml_doc)
> xmlXPathCompOpEval: function node-set not found
> Unregistered function
> runtime error: file D:///docbook/xsl/xhtml/profile-docbook.xsl line 293 
> element variable

I just uploaded a new version of libxslt that includes exslt support. 
Can you give it try?

Also, can you wrap up your example as a test case so I can add it to the 
test suite?


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