[libxml-devel] SAX error handling

Charlie Savage cfis at savagexi.com
Sun Nov 16 04:56:50 EST 2008

Hey Eric,

> Is there a way to get a nice useful error like you get with
> XML::Parser but with XML::SaxParser? The whole on_parser_error() thing
> is almost totally useless for identifying where the problem is. I need
> to find the spot the error is, and cache that tag for later.

The next version of the libxml-ruby bindings has totally revamped error 
handling.  As part of that, sax errors now raise exceptions.  So you now 
get a lot more information about what went wrong.  However, libxml does 
not provide the actual node object (but does provide line number).

Check it out - should help with what you are doing.

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