[libxml-devel] Status of libxml?

Dan Janowski danj.3skel at gmail.com
Tue May 27 11:43:41 EDT 2008

The intersection is a null set. The best hope may be rubinius where the
extensions can be written in ruby. Fixing the memory model for nodes and
documents made a big difference, but the problems that are lingering are
elusive and compounded by ruby's obsficating GC. I put a lot of time into
it, but the maintenance is clearly more demanding than I, or any one person,
can provide. So here we are.

On 5/27/08, Sean Chittenden <sean at chittenden.org> wrote:
> I shifted out of libxml to the (much) slower REXML and an ad-hoc
>> over-the-network Java based XSD validation system. I would love to get
>> libxml-ruby working again. A lot of my projects will depend on it.
>> Dan, how can other people help? Is there someone who can coordinate
>> other people's efforts in the right direction?
> Sean's Posit #6: The group of people who need fast XML processing and the
> group of people know C are almost completely orthogonal technical groups.
> Ruby (or more specifically rails) has turned into a kind of open source
> refuge for .net developers who lack much clue, so the signal to noise ratio
> for most ruby projects is...  atypical and out of line.
> What the project needs are people who can actually program in C, understand
> XML and are in a position to spend cycles on this problem.  As is, there
> aren't many who have these two essentially non-overlapping skills and rarer
> still, people who have cycles to spend on the thankless job of library
> development.  -sc
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