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Ross Bamford rosco at roscopeco.co.uk
Sat Jul 21 04:45:42 EDT 2007

Hi Folks,

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007 18:03:21 +0100, TRANS <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:

> I see that Ross Bramford is not even listed as a project member any
> more --let alone the maintainer. So that means things fall back to
> Sean Chittenden -- but is he around? I see three other members listed:
>   Dan Janowski
>   Laurent Sansonetti
>   Pat Eyler
> Are any of you guys around?
> I fear there's no one at the hem again, but there are still important
> issues that need to be addressed. From the looks of it there hasn't
> been a commit since January, though there have been patches offered up
> on this list since then.
> What's the word?

Well, I was removed from the project a while ago, I think when it became  
clear that circumstances wouldn't allow me to put in the time even to  
apply patches anymore - I've been unbelivably busy these past months with  
work, and although I hoped to still have a little time to spend on my OSS  
commitments, my now-five-month-old daughter had other plans :)

Things are a little quieter now (on the work front at least) and I am  
planning to get back into things, but I do honestly doubt I'd be able to  
devote as much time as previously. I haven't heard from Sean for a while  
(my last few emails to him went unanswered) and there are still a number  
of fundamental problems with libxml-ruby - mostly to do with the fact that  
libxml and ruby are constantly fighting over memory management and the  

I want to say I'd come back to the project, but I simply don't have the  
time to do it justice as sole maintainer. When I first joined libxml-ruby  
I said that I didn't want to lead the project, but was happy to help. Over  
time, as people's commitments changed, that's pretty much what happened.  
The result is that when my circumstances changed suddenly (as they often  
do) the project was left in the crisis we have today.

I would be willing to come back in a 'code-caretaker' capacity -  
committing patches and the like, perhaps fixing the odd bug, but that  
still leaves a lot of work that needs to be done: someone needs to watch  
the trackers, and maybe filter out 'not a bug's or do preliminary  
investigation on new bugs/feature reqs. The forums on Rubyforge seem to be  
filling up somewhat. Test coverage needs to be improved. The project needs  
to be promoted, and whatever passes for 'PR' in open-source needs to be  
taken care of in general. These are all things I can't guarantee any time  
for, and things that don't involve writing C.

The Windows issue matters, too, but since I've been lucky enough to avoid  
Windows almost entirely in my professional life for several years now I  
don't really know the platform well enough to handle this, and frankly I'm  
unwilling to take the time to learn for the sake of compatibility on one  
project. Another thing that needs to be done.

A lot of good work was done on libxml-ruby, as recently as Laurent's  
reader contributions, and it'd be a shame to see things grind to a halt.  
I'm willing to help make sure they don't, but what we really need is  
people involved in all that other stuff I talked about above.

Ross Bamford - rosco at roscopeco.co.uk

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