[libxml-devel] Bug Day

Ross Bamford rosco at roscopeco.co.uk
Sat Jan 6 07:00:24 EST 2007


Okay, here's a little more on the upcoming bug day. This is all just my  
thoughts, it'd be great to get any input on this at all.

I think we should hold the bug day in February, maybe around the 10-15th.  
Pat recommends we announce at four weeks before, two weeks before, and a  
week before, so that's what we should do.

There've been a few bugs over the past week, a couple that are probably a  
bit in-depth for a bug day, but at least one concerns poor test coverage.  
We should make a start on getting as many (valid ;)) bugs into the  
trackers as possible. I'm planning to comb through the tests and find weak  
spots in coverage, which I'll then file bugs against.

As well as test coverage, we could also file bugs against documentation  
(much of what's there is cursory, to say the least), and bad code that's  
knocking around in there.

I think that, on the day, developers should be available on the list and  
in an IRC channel somewhere, to help get people started and discuss  
possible patches, etc. I'm happy to do this, of course - if anyone else  
might be able to pitch in with that it'd be great.

Basically, people who want to get involved on the day will pick an issue,  
maybe discuss a possible fix with us, and then send up a patch when  
they're ready. We'd then check the patches, and commit them to CVS as  
appropriate, or discuss them further with the submitter. Does anyone feel  
like taking care of that side of things?

That's it. As I say, any thoughts much appreciated.

Ross Bamford - rosco at roscopeco.co.uk

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