[kramdown-users] kramdown table-making has gone completely insane

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Mon Oct 11 06:07:06 EDT 2010

On 2010-10-10 23:01 -0700 Matt Neuburg wrote:
> Thanks, Eric!
> I guess, taking all of this into consideration, my suggestion on this
> would be (1) escaping should work (2) nbsp; should not be emitted if
> I've asked for numeric entities (3) it might be really cool if it
> were possible optionally to turn OFF this new feature, i.e. table
> lines without leading pipes.
> Let's see what Thomas thinks. m.

ad 1) Escaping works in that it is possible to prevent kramdown from
      interpreting a line as table line. However, as written before in
      another mail, the resulting paragraph line may not be correct.
      This is a bug and I will look into it.

ad 2) This is also a bug as outlined in another mail and it will be

ad 3) As written in another mail, it is rather hard to unintentionally
      start a table when a paragraph consists of multiple lines. Do you
      agree that pipe characters do not often appear in normal text? If
      so, there is no real reason for allowing one to turn off this
      feature. Your example will work if I can figure out a nice (and
      hopefully fast) way so that pipes in code spans do not need to be
      escaped. As I have said before I would like the parser to be
      non-configurable as much as possible.

-- Thomas

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