[kramdown-users] 0.12 feature (bug? fyi?) BS&T;

David Doolin david.doolin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 16:20:51 EDT 2010

It turns out I'm comfortable and adept with the semi-colon.
I'm also comfortable warping English into various non-
standard forms to achieve certain literary or emotional effects.

In this particular case, using the acronym "BS&T" to
conclude the initial clause in a sentence resulted in
`block in <module:Entities>': Can't handle generic non-integer
character reference 'T' (Kramdown::Error)

I wouldn't exactly call this a bug. But it bit me nonetheless.

I am, however, going to rewrite that sentence without the semi-colon.
Because "BS&T;" won't parse.

Dave Doolin

ps: That 'T' business induced c++ flashbacks.

pps: BS&T stands for blood, sweat & tears.  The irony.



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