[kramdown-users] [ANN] kramdown 0.7.0 released

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Fri May 7 06:40:20 EDT 2010

## About kramdown

kramdown (sic, not Kramdown or KramDown, just kramdown) is a *free*
GPL-licensed [Ruby](http://www.ruby-lang.org) library for parsing a
superset of Markdown. It is completely written in Ruby, supports
standard Markdown (with some minor modifications) and various
extensions that have been made popular by the [PHP Markdown Extra]
package and [Maruku].
Homepage for installation instructions and documentation:

## kramdown 0.7.0 released

This release adds syntax support for abbreviations. This means that
kramdown is now syntax-wise on par with Maruku and PHP Markdown Extra!

Another big change is the extension support: After some discussion on
the mailing list (many thanks to Eric Sunshine and Shawn Van Ittersum),
the syntax for the extensions has been changed and support for custom
extensions will be dropped in a future release.

Additionally, the option `auto_ids` has been moved from being
interpreted by the parser to being interpreted by the converters. This
means that it is not possible anymore to turn automatic header ID
generation on or off for parts of a text.

The HTML and LaTeX converters also gained the ability to generate a
table of contents. Just add the reference name "toc" to an ordered or
unordered list and it will be replaced by the ToC (this is
"coincidentally" the same syntax that Maruku uses...).

## Changes

* Major changes:

  - Added support for PHP Markdown Extra like abbreviations
  - Added support for span extensions
  - New syntax for block/span extensions
  - Added support for generating a table of contents in the HTML and
    LaTeX converters

* Minor changes:

  - The option `auto_ids` has been moved from the parser to the
  - Invalid span IALs are now removed from the output
  - IALs can now be applied to individual list items by placing the IAL
    directly after the list item marker
  - Added an option for prefixing automatically generated IDs with a
  - Block IALs can now also be put before a block element

* Bug fixes:

  - Fixed a problem with parsing smart quotes at the beginning of a
    line (reported by Michael Franzl)

* Deprecation notes:

  - Removed deprecated CLI option `-f`
  - The old extension syntax and support for custom extensions will be
    removed in the next release.

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