[kramdown-users] Towards the one-oh-oh

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Thu May 6 14:59:44 EDT 2010

> Even just being able to turn off the smartypants part of kramdown
> might be enough to allow me to reverse this in most cases, and then
> the problem would be no worse than it is with Markdown. But what I'm
> looking for is something *better* than Markdonw. My approach was
> always a hack with Markdown; indeed, part of the reason I want to
> dump Markdown and use kramdown is that I'm always fighting against
> Markdown, hacking around its bugs and limitations, whereas kramdown
> (1) is alive and open and under development, and (2) it's Ruby, with
> all that that implies.
> Thus, with enough options and Ruby-style customizability built in,
> kramdown can be a much better choice for me. It sounds like that's
> the direction things are going, so I'll continue to wait and see how
> things develop. Thanks for the detailed hints! m.

Then you might be interested in the latest commits that I have pushed
to github because the API documentation for the
Kramdown::Parser::Kramdown class now contains an example on how to
create a custom parser based on the kramdown parser, showing how to
parse span level ERB tags :-)

You can start with the sample code and add the needed block level
parser. There is no step 3 ;-)

Btw. kramdown 0.7.0 will be released tomorrow...

Best regards,

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