[kramdown-users] Towards the one-oh-oh

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Wed May 5 11:08:03 EDT 2010

Hi everybody,

although the first release of kramdown was just over half a year ago,
it grew rather fast and is very mature now.

Many bugs in the parser have been fixed with your help and the syntax
has been extended to be on par with other Markdown converters. As of
0.7.0 all major syntax extension to Markdown (tables, definition lists,
abbreviations, headers IDs, ...) have been added to kramdown. And its
extension syntax has been finalized in the last few week.

Regarding the converters, the HTML and LaTeX converters are also working
well (or the LaTeX converter is not really used ;-)

Therefore I think that kramdown 1.0.0 can be released soon and for this
I would like to finalize the kramdown syntax and the library API.

So I would like to know from you if there is anything missing from
kramdown, either syntax-wise or feature-wise, what you would like to
see in the 1.0.0 release!

As for my plans regarding the 1.0.0 or some later release:

* Add a Markdown/kramdown converter

* Add a HTML parser based on the parsing functionality of the kramdown
  parser (this and the former item will allow the (partial)
  reconstruction of a Markdown/kramdown text from an HTML document)

* Add a pure Ruby PDF converter based on Prawn once it has reached its
  1.0.0 release (because the API will be stable by then)

* Add a converter that takes a kramdown tree and modifies it sothat all
  HTML elements are converted into native kramdown elements where
  possible (this should allow better output for non-HTML converters
  when HTML is used in the source document)

Since the above just add functionality, introducing them after 1.0.0
will not break compatibility.

Best regards,

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