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Shawn Van Ittersum svicalifornia at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 15:44:51 EST 2010


Thanks for the tip, but XSL transformations are not quite trivial, certainly more complicated that including '{::toc::}' in the kramdown document. :)

Since kramdown is already aware of document headings, it should also be faster for kramdown to generate a ToC than to run kramdown's HTML output through an XSLT.


On Fri, 12 Mar 2010 12:20:59 -0800, Matt Neuburg wrote:
>>>> Does kramdown yet support the automatic generation of a table of
>>>> contents, creating reference links to headings in the document?  I
>>>> tried putting {::toc::} at the top of my kramdown doc, and it didn't
>>>> yield any extra HTML. :/
>>> No, it does not support TOC generation. However, it should be no
>>> problem to add this. Will add this to my TODO list.
> It should probably be pointed out, though, that this kind of thing is
> trivial (and much more flexible) to do yourself by appending XSLT to the
> HTML-generation process. m.
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