[kramdown-users] [ANN] kramdown 0.9.0 released

Michael Franzl michaelfranzl at gmx.at
Thu Jun 24 04:35:22 EDT 2010

Thomas Leitner wrote:
>   - The LaTeX converter now outputs the element attributes as LaTeX
>     comment for some elements (blockquotes, lists and math
>     environments; requested by Michael Franzl)

In LaTeX, the closing tag of an environment needs to have the same 
name as the opening tag. So it is not enough to add the comment only 
at the beginning. Right now kramdown produces:

     \begin{quote}   %  class="small"
     a quote

But it should be:

     \begin{quote} % class="small"
     a quote
     \end{quote} % class="small"

Otherwise it is not possible to transform it via regular expressions:

     a quote



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