[kramdown-users] German LaTeX output

Michael Franzl michaelfranzl at gmx.at
Mon Jun 21 13:22:21 EDT 2010

Thomas Leitner wrote:
> Just copy the included `document.latex` template from the
> `data/kramdown` directory of the kramdown distribution to a new file in
> your local directory and change it to fit your needs, ie. include the
> above line! Then you can use the `template` option to use your modified
> template.

Thank you for the hint!

> Hmm... this is currently hard-coded. I assume that there are rules for
> each language, not only English and German, on how the quotes should
> be transformed?! If that is the case, the easiest way would probably be
> to add a new option `latex_quotes` which specifies how
> opening/closing double and single quotes are transformed - would this
> fit your needs?

Yes. Only as long as it is generally useful also for others. In 
France/Switzerland they might need guillements instead of quotation 
marks. Here are a few infos:


Right now I have to do the following to be able to print correct 
German punctuation:

     sed -i 's|``|"`|g' file.tex
     sed -i "s|''|\"'|g" file.tex
     perl -i -pe "s|([^\"])\`(.*?)\'|\1\\\glq{}\2\\\grq{}|g" file.tex

So it can be done also without kramdown, but I try to make it as 
'beautiful' and straightforward as possible. Don't know if that is 
worth implementing though.


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