[kramdown-users] RFC - using classes to change the blockquote environment

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Mon Jun 14 14:13:19 EDT 2010

> And if the compatibility issue is too risky, there is another 
> possibility. Just add comments into the LaTeX output. The comments 
> could later be changed with optional, custom regexp processing.
> Example:
>      {: .smallquote }
>      > Some Quote
> will be converted to
>      \begin{quote}  % .smallquote
>      Some Quote
>      \end{quote} % .smallquote
> and a custom regexp conversion (optional) would be simple:
>      \begin{smallquote}
>      Some Quote
>      \end{smallquote}

Hmm... this looks good! We wouldn't need another option and the user
could decide what he wants to do with the attributes set on a
blockquote. This could probably be generalized to other block level

If you don't mind writing a post-processor for your case I would
actually like to use this approach since it seems to be even more
general! Thanks for the great idea!!

> BTW, is it also possible to convert kramdown {::comments} to LaTeX 
> comments?

Naturally, I have just implemented this and pushed it to the github
repo - please test it!

-- Thomas

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