[kramdown-users] RFC - using classes to change the blockquote environment

Michael Franzl michaelfranzl at gmx.at
Mon Jun 14 04:22:01 EDT 2010

Thomas Leitner wrote:
> Okay, then I will implement this in the next days if no one sees any
> problems with this approach.
> One more thing: *if* we do it like described above, it is not easily
> changable in a future version without breaking compatibility. So my
> last question: Could there be any other useful applications of the
> classes of a blockquote in the LaTeX converter? Note that the
> blockquote is currently the only block level element that can easily
> contain any other block level elements... (list items could probably
> also be used for such a purpose).

The downside of my suggestion is, that users *must* define the new 
LaTeX environment, otherwise the file won't compile out of the box. It 
would require some knowledge.

And if the compatibility issue is too risky, there is another 
possibility. Just add comments into the LaTeX output. The comments 
could later be changed with optional, custom regexp processing. Example:

     {: .smallquote }
     > Some Quote

will be converted to

     \begin{quote}  % .smallquote
     Some Quote
     \end{quote} % .smallquote

and a custom regexp conversion (optional) would be simple:

     Some Quote


BTW, is it also possible to convert kramdown {::comments} to LaTeX 

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