[kramdown-users] RFC - using classes to change the blockquote environment

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Sun Jun 13 14:11:21 EDT 2010

> > So, how about this:
> > 
> > * New option "quote_envs" for LaTeX converter, which is an array of
> >   allowed environment names, defaults to `[]` (i.e. empty array)
> > 
> > * If a blockquote does not have a class attribute, just handle it
> > like it is currently done. Otherwise extract the class names in
> > order and do the following for each class name: If the class name
> > is contained in the "quote_envs" array, wrap the block quote
> > contents in a thus named environment, otherwise do nothing.
> Sounds very reasonable!

Okay, then I will implement this in the next days if no one sees any
problems with this approach.

One more thing: *if* we do it like described above, it is not easily
changable in a future version without breaking compatibility. So my
last question: Could there be any other useful applications of the
classes of a blockquote in the LaTeX converter? Note that the
blockquote is currently the only block level element that can easily
contain any other block level elements... (list items could probably
also be used for such a purpose).

-- Thomas

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