[kramdown-users] IAL quotes for LaTex?

Michael Franzl michaelfranzl at gmx.at
Sun Jun 13 02:59:31 EDT 2010

Thomas Leitner wrote:
> What if
> two classes are set on the blockquote:
>     {: .quote1 .quote2}
>     > Some quote
> Which one should be used? Or should both be used, in the order they are
> defined?

I think that several classes would work also. Example:

     {: .small .bold }
     > Some Quote

would be output to:

     Some Quote

But if that is too complicated, only the first class attribute could 
be used.

> So, how about this:
> * New option "quote_envs" for LaTeX converter, which is an array of
>   allowed environment names, defaults to `[]` (i.e. empty array)
> * If a blockquote does not have a class attribute, just handle it like
>   it is currently done. Otherwise extract the class names in order and
>   do the following for each class name: If the class name is contained
>   in the "quote_envs" array, wrap the block quote contents in a thus
>   named environment, otherwise do nothing.

Sounds very reasonable!


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