[kramdown-users] Proposal: block level image tag

Michael Franzl michaelfranzl at gmx.at
Thu Jul 15 09:16:05 EDT 2010

On 07/15/2010 12:24 PM, Eric Sunshine wrote:
> Second, and more seriously, a block-level <img/> tag does not validate
> under strict document types, such as "HTML 4.01 Strict" or "XHTML 1.0
> Strict". I feel quite hesitant about recommending that kramdown generate
> non-validating HTML mark-up as its default behavior (especially since I
> always use "strict" for my websites). One solution to this issue would
> be for kramdown to wrap the stand-alone <img/> automatically in a <div>
> for HTML output, and (as requested) in \begin{figure} for LaTeX output.
> The enclosing <div> would be equally valid for strict and non-strict
> document types.

I think this makes sense.


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