[kramdown-users] Table syntax and implementation

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Thu Jan 14 06:08:28 EST 2010

> Minor comment regarding syntax.page where it says:
> "The colons of an alignment definition are used to set the alignment
> of a column: if there are no colons, the column uses the default
> alignment [...] If a header separator line does not contain alignment
> definitions for one or more columns, all unspecified columns will use
> the default alignment."
> This bit of redundancy is, um, redundant.

Thanks ;-)
> In your example table, you show a header separator:
> "|-------|:-------|:-------:|------:-|"
> Is this accurate? Should the final colon really be followed by a dash?

No, that's an error, there must not be dash after the final colon -
will fix this.

Best regards,

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