[kramdown-users] Short kramdown example exporting to tex and html (epub)

David Doolin david.doolin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 00:12:29 EST 2010

This is what I'm using at the moment:

Two things:

1. LaTeX header handling changed between 0.11
and 0.12 (iirc), which tripped me up for a couple
of hours. It might someone else some time as well.

2. I prefer to cut my source files into smaller
pieces, divided logically among sections or
chapters or whatever.  This has ramifications
I'm still pondering.  For example, table of contents
doesn't link through in html (how could it, right?).
For the tex files, it's not an issue, I have the
tex I need down cold.

3. One of my goals is to take the html directly
to epub.  So far, using eeepub (from github) is
producing mixed results, but I haven't used it
enough to have an opinion.

I'm open to suggestions on epub builders. There
are a lot of barely working options out there.

-dave d



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