[kramdown-users] Bug in list parsing

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Fri Aug 20 02:48:25 EDT 2010

> Gmail sends messages with two MIME parts: one text/plain, and one
> HTML.  When you copied my list, I think you may have been looking at
> the HTML part, instead of the text/plain part.  The text/plain part
> is usually wrapped to less than 78 characters per line, according to
> RFC 2822:
> > There are two limits that this standard places on the number of
> > characters in a line. Each line of characters MUST be no more than
> > 998 characters, and SHOULD be no more than 78 characters, excluding
> > the CRLF.
> For more info, see: http://mailformat.dan.info/body/linelength.html

No, I just get the text/plain part from the mailing list. And my email
client does not perform hard-wrapping but only soft-wrapping of text
messages. I.e. if I copy the text I won't get the newline characters.
So again, this  will work in kramdown.

Have you skimmed the article you linked to until the end? There they say
that you should wrap your text *before* sending, ie. you should
configure your mail program like I did with mine to wrap the text so
that there won't be any problem in any mail client! You could do this
with/for your users - then the sent messages will contain nicely
formatted text. The only problems that remains would be when quoting
another email...

> I want for my users to be able to send Markdown-format messages by
> email to an automated system that reads the Markdown and renders
> HTML.  However, if the mail transport systems wrap the Markdown text,
> following RFC 2822, then kramdown does not parse it correctly.  So
> the problem with the indentation, in this case, is that it is outside
> my control and my users' control, because the mail system is wrapping
> the lines.

As said above, just correctly configure the mail clients (if you have
access to them!).

> If we make a rule that blocks are separated by white-space lines
> (with the exceptions that I've already explained), then kramdown
> could be made to handle both lazy indentation and email-wrapping.
> And I believe it would make the kramdown syntax much, much simpler to
> parse and to explain.

There has been some discussion on this on the Markdown ML, for example,

> It will be much easier to explain to my users that paragraphs, lists,
> and tables should be separated by blank lines, than to tell them that
> they need a specialized text editor (Notepad won't cut it) to count
> characters and wrap lines.  No text editor, even Textmate, will wrap
> to kramdown's specifications out-of-the-box.  They'd have to wrap one
> line at a time: indent, wrap, indent, wrap, etc.  This should not be
> a requirement, because kramdown can and should allow lazy indentation
> as Markdown does, by enforcing blank lines between blocks.

Just tell them to use blank lines between block level elements and one
worry will just go away! As for the lazy indentation, I'm still
skimming the Markdown ML on this.

-- Thomas

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