[kramdown-users] LaTeX Footnote inside of emphasized text

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Tue Aug 10 09:57:10 EDT 2010

On 2010-08-04 09:08 +0200 Michael Franzl wrote:
> On 07/18/2010 12:41 PM, Thomas Leitner wrote:
> > The only other solution would be to output only those footnotes in
> > the LaTeX converter that contain a single paragraph.
> Or: Join multiple paragraphs into one paragraph. It's a limitation of 
> LaTeX, and users will need to avoid it anyway. This solution would
> help only making the rendered LaTeX code error free.

The document would be error free but not what the user would expect...
So I would rather go with the "let LaTeX fail and let the user correct
the problem" approach. This way the user knows that the source document
is not correct and needs to fix it himself which has the advantage that
the user can choose how to fix it, rather than forcing a probably bad
solution onto him.
> But, regarding footnotes, there is another thing I stumbled across:
>      This is text[^note] with a footnote.
>      [^note]: A footnote.
> Translates into
>      This is text\footnote{A footnote.
>      } with a footnote.
> This is an empty paragraph for LaTeX, and sometimes, if it is wrapped
> to the next page, LaTeX will render a footnote line with no text
> below it, which is very ugly. So, the correct translation would be:
>      This is text\footnote{A footnote.} with a footnote.

I have fixed this one. The whitespace before the closing brace is now
always stripped away.

-- Thomas

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