[kramdown-users] is this rule necessary?

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Sun Aug 8 14:15:24 EDT 2010

> I also have an unreleased experimental version called 1.0.2b7:
>  $VERSION = '1.0.2b7';
>  # Tue 29 Aug 2006
> The same document comes out the same way. Again, I'll send you the
> Perl script if you wish.
> So, that's two for two in my favor. :) I have literally thousands of
> pages that depend upon this behavior.

I'm always using Markdown.pl version 1.0.2b8 where this behaviour seems
to be changed...
> Moreover, I have never seen *any* account of the original Markdown
> syntax requiring or even mentioning the (<...>) construct. It is
> something that kramdown introduces. The documentation does describe
> it but does not point out that this is a difference from Markdown.

The original Markdown.pl implementation allows angle brackets in inline
and reference links. This is the reason why added them to kramdown,
too. However, Markdown.pl does not seem to support spaces in links when
using angle brackets...
> Plus, I would suggest that (<...>) is a possible candidate for Occam's
> razor, since what does it accomplish that simple (...) does not? That
> is, what are we trying to distinguish by addition of the angle
> brackets? Under what circumstances would [...](...) *not* be intended
> as an inline link? And in any case, if it *were* intended as not a
> link, that would be a case for escaping the first square bracket.
> That is what the original Markdown expects. So this:

As mentioned above the reason for having the angle brackets is because
Markdown.pl supports them... So I would rather not remove them.
However, as said in my previous mail, I will try to change the link
syntax to support spaces without using angle brackets.

-- Thomas

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