[kramdown-users] is this rule necessary?

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Fri Aug 6 02:44:49 EDT 2010

> Now, this is a perfectly clear rule, so there's no bug or anything.
> The issue for me is purely a matter of convience: I have a LOT of
> these, and transforming them all (inserting the angle brackets), as I
> turn my Markdown Web sites into kramdown sites, is a pain in the
> butt. Which leads to me to ask: is this rule necessary? Why can't we
> just assume that [...](...) is this structure, and needs
> transforming, the same as Markdown did, regardless of whether the
> parentheses contains spaces?

I have tested the following Markdown document

some [link](hal lo.html)

some [link](<hal lo.html>)

some [link](hal lo.html "title")

some [link](<hal lo.html> "title")

some [link](hallo.html)

with kramdown/maruku/PHP Markdown/PHP Markdown
Extra/Markdown.pl/Python Markdown. The only converter that converts all
the above links is Python Markdown, the original Markdown.pl as well
as maruku/PHP Markdown/PHP Markdown Extra do only convert the last one,
the one without the space!

Therefore I don't see any historical problem with the current approach
of parsing links with spaces in kramdown. Which Markdown converter did
you use before?

I have to look if I used the angle brackets for enclosing links with
spaces out of (parsing) convenience or if there was a more pressing
concern. If we change this rule for inline links, we should probably
change it for link definitions, too.

-- Thomas

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