[kramdown-users] why can't kramdown just leave my HTML alone?

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Wed Aug 4 02:05:18 EDT 2010

On 2010-07-22 10:37 -0700 Matt Neuburg wrote:
> On or about 7/22/10 2:24 AM, thus spake "Shawn Van Ittersum"
> <svicalifornia at gmail.com>:
> > I second this.  It's very strange for attributes to be rearranged,
> > and especially for src to come before alt in an img tag.
> > 
> > Thomas, perhaps I don't understand, what was the motivation to have
> > kramdown parse HTML?
> And especially when I've *explicitly* said markdown="0". Isn't that
> supposed to mean "hands off"?

It means "hands off" as described in the other mail. I have added
another task to my TODO list to see if I can easily add the
preservation of the order of the attributes of HTML elements. Will come
back to you!

-- Thomas

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