[kramdown-users] Syntax of IALs, ALDs and extensions

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Tue Apr 20 09:45:34 EDT 2010

> >    Therefore I think that extensions in kramdown are really not that
> >             useful and I would like to remove them!
> For all that I've contributed on this matter of extensions syntax,
> I've never actually used them yet, so I don't even know if I would
> miss them.  But it seems like other have and might.

Yes, some might already use them. However, I think that this is a
minority and we can transition to the new syntax in the next release
while deprecating the old functionality and removing in a following
> > In this case we also don't need an extra differentiator like `!` at
> > the beginning of a extension name since the names are "well known".
> > Also note that the short form would need to have the leading colon
> > as well!
> So you're suggesting that the extension names be "reserved words,"
> not available as ALD reference names.  I'm cool with that.

Not really reserved words, no. Since there is a syntactic difference
between ALDs and extension names (no trailing colon), even the
extension names can be used as ALD names although that is surely not

-- Thomas

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