[kramdown-users] Inline comments

Michael Franzl michaelfranzl at gmx.at
Mon Apr 12 02:14:18 EDT 2010

Shawn Van Ittersum wrote:
> I think using the same tag to toggle comment status on and off will be problematic.  The editor may overlook the first comment tag and think that the comment begins with the second tag, especially if the commented string is sufficiently long.  This will lead to a great deal of confusion.
> SGML, HTML, and XML use a slash to denote close tags distinct from open tags to avoid the above problem.  If kramdown tags are going to be used as containers in this manner, then the tags should similarly have distinct open and close forms.

Inline comments would only be used for short notes. If longer comments 
are needed, the block version is suitable. So why not use the 
following version, it is a good compromise between verbosity and 
familiar kramdown syntax?

     There is something {::comment:: skip this} hidden in this...


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