[kramdown-users] Inline comments

Eric Sunshine sunshine at sunshineco.com
Mon Apr 12 02:11:18 EDT 2010

On 4/12/2010 1:11 AM, Shawn Van Ittersum wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Apr 2010 22:59:49 -0400, Eric Sunshine wrote:
>>> With that in mind, I suggest:
>>>    {:comment} skip this {:/comment}
>> This feels unusually XML-like and inconsistent with the rest of the
>> kramdown extension syntax. Also, it is hardly less verbose than the
>> more obvious:
>>    {::comment:}skip this{::comment:}
> I think using the same tag to toggle comment status on and off will
> be problematic.  The editor may overlook the first comment tag and
> think that the comment begins with the second tag, especially if the
> commented string is sufficiently long. [...] SGML, HTML, and XML use
> a slash to denote close tags distinct from open tags to avoid the
> above problem.  If kramdown tags are going to be used as containers
> in this manner, then the tags should similarly have distinct open and
> close forms.

I mentioned the above possible syntax since the block form already uses 
the same tag to open and close comments (and 'nomarkdown', etc.). For 
instance, the following already is accepted:

   skip this

Reference: http://kramdown.rubyforge.org/syntax.html#extension-blocks

-- ES

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