[Kramdown-users] Suggest rename 'nokramdown' to 'nomarkdown'

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Fri Nov 27 14:15:40 EST 2009

> Suggestion: Rename {::nokramdown:} to {::nomarkdown:}. The concept of 
> disabling markdown processing within a block is sufficiently general 
> that this sort of directive is something which other Markdown
> processors could adopt. By renaming it to 'nomarkdown', adoption is
> more likely and text marked up in this fashion is more transportable.
> (Perhaps still recognize 'nokramdown' for backward compatibility.}
> Even the {::kdoptions::} idea is sufficiently general that it could
> be renamed to {::markdownoptions::} making it simpler for other
> Markdown processors to adopt the facility. (Options not recognized by
> a particular implementation would be ignored, or emit an optional
> warning.)

Valid points, thanks for mentioning them!

When writing the syntax documentation for kramdown I started with what
I liked from Markdown and added the extra features found in other
processors. Only later on I realized that I should try to make the
basic syntax of kramdown more compatible with standard Markdown. And I
should probably make it more clear in the documentation that kramdown
is a Markdown-superset processor, not a completely new format.

-- Thomas

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