[Kramdown-users] Suggest rename 'nokramdown' to 'nomarkdown'

Eric Sunshine sunshine at sunshineco.com
Fri Nov 27 11:56:49 EST 2009

Suggestion: Rename {::nokramdown:} to {::nomarkdown:}. The concept of 
disabling markdown processing within a block is sufficiently general 
that this sort of directive is something which other Markdown processors 
could adopt. By renaming it to 'nomarkdown', adoption is more likely and 
text marked up in this fashion is more transportable. (Perhaps still 
recognize 'nokramdown' for backward compatibility.}

Even the {::kdoptions::} idea is sufficiently general that it could be 
renamed to {::markdownoptions::} making it simpler for other Markdown 
processors to adopt the facility. (Options not recognized by a 
particular implementation would be ignored, or emit an optional warning.)

-- ES

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