[Kramdown-users] Markdown processing within HTML

Eric Sunshine sunshine at sunshineco.com
Fri Nov 27 08:45:30 EST 2009

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Leitner wrote:
>> Rather than performing Markdown processing by default in block-level 
>> elements, perhaps it might make more sense to have a complementary 
>> {::kramdown:} which re-enables processing with the element.
>> Alternately, something skin to Maruku's <div markdown="1">...</div>
>> (for any block-level element) might be suitable.
> Regarding the {::kramdown:} element: since kramdown syntax will then
> not be parsed in the element, the {::kramdown:} element won't also be
> recognized...

I was thinking also that {::kramdown:} could be wrapped around the 
element to force Markdown processing within, in which case this could 
work. On the other hand, it's not important if processing is disabled by 
default for block-level elements and the <foo markdown="1"> option is 

-- ES

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