[kramdown-users] RFC: Table syntax proposal, try 2

Shawn Van Ittersum svicalifornia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 08:53:52 EST 2009

One other note: I like Eric's suggestion for an equal-sign separator  
before footer rows, but I think it would be even cleaner if all dashes  
on that separator row were replaced by equal signs:

| header | cells    |
| body   | cells    |
| footer   | cells    |

(apologies for the poor alignment above; I'm out on my iPhone)

Of course, |= would make an excellent shorthand for this footer  
separator. :)

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On Dec 31, 2009, at 5:36 PM, Eric Sunshine <sunshine at sunshineco.com>  

> Hi Thomas,
> On 12/31/2009 3:25 AM, Thomas Leitner wrote:
>> * A *table row* is started with a pipe character, optionally indented
>>   up to three spaces, and then the text of the first table cell.
>>   Additional table cells can be added by using the pipe character and
>>   then the text of the next table cell.
> Rephrase: Rather than "Additional table cells...", say "Subsequent  
> table cells consist of a pipe character followed by the cell text."
>> * A *header separator line* is started with a pipe character -- which
>>   starts the first column --, optionally indented up to three spaces,
>>   followed by one or more optional spaces/tabs and an optional colon,
>>   followed by one or more dashes and finally an optional colon and
>>   another set of one or more optional spaces/tabs. Each other column
>>   also starts with a pipe character and follows the same syntax as  
>> the
>>   first column. The colons are used for aligning the content of each
>>   column, as explained below.
> This description is still difficult to follow. One way to simplify  
> it dramatically would be to describe normal separator lines first,  
> and then describe header separators as: "A header separator line is  
> like a normal separator line, except..." and then describe the colons.
>> The header separator
>> line and the normal separator lines need not match the columns of any
>> other table line intentionally to speed up and simplify table  
>> creation
>> and maintenance.
> Somewhat awkward. Rephrase: "To simplify table creation and  
> maintenance, header and normal separator lines need not specify the  
> same number of columns as table rows; even "|-" is a valid separator."
>> * If the table contains a header separator line, all table rows until
>>   the header line are considered to contain table header cells. The
>>   colons of a header line are used for *aligning the columns*:
> The alignment discussion probably ought to be incorporated directly  
> into the "header separator line" description above. It is confusing  
> to place it so far from the initial mention of colons, and there  
> does not seem to be a good reason to separate the two.
>> The above example table is rather time-consuming to create without  
>> the
>> help of an ASCII table editor. However, the table syntax is flexible
>> and the following table is equivalent to the one above but doesn't  
>> look
>> as nice:
> Probably drop "but doesn't look as nice". The aesthetic disparity is  
> apparent implicitly by anyone looking at the example.
> -- ES
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