[kramdown-users] RFC: Table syntax proposal

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Thu Dec 31 03:20:28 EST 2009

> While I appreciate the support for advanced features such as footer  
> rows and multiple table bodies, most tables have only a single body  
> and one row of header cells. I proposed the shortened separator row  
> syntax ( |- ) to make the common use case simpler and faster to type:
> | header | cells |
> |-
> | body | cells |
> It's not clear from your specs whether this would be supported by  
> kramdown. It would be disappointing if the shortened separator
> syntax is only used for multiple-body separation, when most tables
> don't have multiple bodies.

This is already allowed and I have added another example line to the
header separator line description for this use case.
-- Thomas

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