[Kramdown-users] More HTML corruption

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Mon Dec 14 05:01:38 EST 2009

> There is still some HTML corruption even with the latest commit 
> (89fc586b5f70ccfc8facfae48aa0a0ce31df1d73). With input:
>    <dl>
>    <dt>Moo</dt>
>    <dd>
>    Bar</dd>
>    </dl>
>    Cow
>    ---

I have fixed this now and pushed the changes to the github repository.
Note that there is now a completely new HTML span/block parser in
kramdown which works a bit different from before. I have updated the
syntax specification too so you might want to read the section on HTML

The main difference with HTML blocks is the handling of the text that
comes after an HTML/XML tag on the same line. This text is now treated
as if it appears on a separate line if the HTML tag is parsed as block
level elements.

-- Thomas

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