[Jruby-extras-devel] svn access

Ola Bini ola.bini at ki.se
Mon Oct 9 15:37:27 EDT 2006

Ricardo Trindade wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm having trouble accessing the repository, I'm trying to checkout 
> using the following URL :
>     svn+ssh://USERNAME@rubyforge.org/var/svn/jruby-extras
>     Although I was asked to confirm the server key, and get a prompt for 
> my password, the password isn't accepted, and I just keep getting the 
> prompt over and over.
>     I'm using tortoiseSVN.
> thanks for any help,
> Ricardo


That's strange indeed. You are a project member correctly and 
everything. I haven't used tortoiseSVN, though, so I'm not sure. Some 
SVN clients have trouble with svn+ssh. I do all my SVN and CVS from the 
command prompt. I recommend that you try that and see if it works better.

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