[Ironruby-core] Ruby Instance of C# Class Isn't Really the C# Class

Ashiq A. alibhai.ashiq at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 18:58:45 UTC 2013


I have a class defined in C# which I'm creating in Ruby and returning; then
C# adds it to an array. It's simple (honest).

My setup is simple: the main project, and a class library called
"SharedClasses." Here's a class:

public class SimpleItem
        public string Name { get; set; }
        public int Value { get; set; }

        public SimpleItem(string name, int value)
            this.Name = name;
            this.Value = value;

Okay, nothing special here. Now, in Ruby, here's the script I want to run:

require 'SharedClasses.dll'
include SharedClasses
SimpleItem.new("Red Gem", 100);

What I want to achieve, is to return the instance created back to C#, and
add it to a List<SimpleItem>.

I can't do it. Currently, I get an InvalidOperationException: "can't
convert SharedClasses::SimpleItem into SharedClasses::SimpleItem"

Here's the code I use to create the Ruby instance:

var engine = Ruby.CreateEngine();
var newItem = engine.Execute<SimpleItem>(ruby);

I posted a Stack Overflow question for a more complex version of this
problem (this is the simplest case I could distill). Under other
circumstances, I can see that the two instances are the same, except their
context (one is Default and one is LoadNeither).

Full post is here:

What am I doing wrong?


P.S. Visual Studio 2012 solution zip file, including IronRuby 1.13 via
NuGet, is available here: http://temp-share.com/show/KdP0s538h
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