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Tristan Fox chronocalamity at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 06:59:59 UTC 2013

I'm new to ruby and programming in general but I really like what I can do
with ruby so far so if anything I say seems wrong, it most likely is. just
correct me and lets move on.
Programming a command prompt that asks "Shall we play a game?" was fun and
all but I want to take my experience with ruby to the next level. I want to
make windows applications since web development really isn't my thing any

This is how I found Ironruby... Which I have no clue how to use but am sure
as hell that it can help me make windows applications. Now asking the one
and only stupid question that will most likely never get an answer "How to
I use this?". Don't answer that, Don't even think about it because it will
drive you mad trying to word it into a 500 page book.

Instead please point me in the magical direction of the already written 500
page book on how to get from point A(installing/configuring where I can
start writing code/debugging building and testing) to Z(I guess that would
just be building exe for distribution)

Now I'm not telling you NOT to write the 500 page book, if your willing to
help me out that way then I shall read it and love it.

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