[Ironruby-core] using external library (REXML) is extremely slow when running my app in debug mode

Orion Edwards Orion.Edwards at gallagher.co
Sun Sep 2 20:36:46 UTC 2012

Without trying to reproduce the issue, perhaps it is related to the 
debugger tracing information or exceptions from inside IronRuby caused by 

You could try enabling visual studio's "Just My Code" debugger option - 
it's purpose is to filter out external stuff like this.

It's on the Tools\Options dialog on the "Debugging" section


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Date:   01/09/2012 04:49 a.m.
Subject:        [Ironruby-core] using external library (REXML) is 
extremely slow when running my app in debug mode
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Hi All,

I'm using IronRuby as scripting environment inside my app. I use 
scriptEngine.SetSearchPaths() to "include" the REXML files. The problem: 
when I execute my app with F5 (debugger attached), my scripts run 
extremely slow if I use REXML classes. If I use CTRL+F5 (no debugger), 
everything is fine.

Any tips how to workaround this issue?

Is it possible, that a debugger is hooked inside my ScriptEngine, when it 
executes .rb files? If yes, how can I eliminate it? I do not enable any 
debugging options in my engine, and I unistalled the IronRuby VS2010 

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