[Ironruby-core] Array Specs

Orion Edwards Orion.Edwards at gallagher.co
Tue Jan 31 20:59:37 EST 2012

More updates:

* Fixes implementation of Array#sample to not use CLR ArrayList internally 
(it's not available on silverlight)
* Fixes Array#slice to deal with out-of-range parameters
* Fixes Array#inspect to taint correctly
* Implements Array#keep_if
* Fixes Array#product to deal with blocks correctly

The only things left unfixed in that folder are as follows:
hash_spec.rb - requires changing implementation of RubyArray#hash which 
seems dangerous

join_spec.rb, multiply_spec.rb
- Both of these fail because the specs expect ruby to call .to_str on 
objects inside arrays. The problem is that the mock objects in the spec 
implement to_str using method missing, but they don't implement 
respond_to?. IronRuby's Protocols.CastToStr always checks respond_to? 
before invoking to_str and thus it fails...

sort_by_spec.rb - seems to require full reimplementation of sorting to not 
use the CLR QuickSort algorithm

sort_spec.rb - seems to require full reimplementation of sorting to not 
use the CLR QuickSort algorithm

repeated_combination_spec.rb - didn't get to it, it seems like a really 
obscure method

repeated_permutation_spec.rb - didn't get to it, it seems like a really 
obscure method

I'm not sure that I have the ability to fix the above issues without some 
help, so I'd like to say my work on the array specs is done for now, and 
hopefully it can be merged into IronRuby main.

The pull request is here:





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Cool! I?ll take a look asap.
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I've been working on bringing IronRuby up to speed with rubyspec, and 
picked the core\array folder as a start: 

My pull request is here: 


I'd like to fix them all, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time to do so 

Here is a summary of the rubyspec\core\array folder as of right now: 
ok means the spec was already passing 
fixed means the spec was failing, and I have fixed it 
FAILS means the specs fail, and I have not fixed them yet 

ok                 allocate_spec.rb 
ok                 append_spec.rb 
ok                 array_spec.rb 
ok                 assoc_spec.rb 
ok                 at_spec.rb 
ok                 choice_spec.rb 
ok                 clear_spec.rb 
ok                 clone_spec.rb 
ok                 collect_spec.rb 
ok                 combination_spec.rb 
ok                 compact_spec.rb 
ok                 comparison_spec.rb 
ok                 concat_spec.rb 
ok                 constructor_spec.rb 
ok                 count_spec.rb 
ok                 cycle_spec.rb 
ok                 delete_at_spec.rb 
ok                 delete_if_spec.rb 
ok                 delete_spec.rb 
ok                 drop_spec.rb 
ok                 drop_while_spec.rb 
ok                 dup_spec.rb 
ok                 each_index_spec.rb 
ok                 each_spec.rb 
ok                 element_reference_spec.rb 
fixed              element_set_spec.rb 
ok                 empty_spec.rb 
ok                 eql_spec.rb 
ok                 equal_value_spec.rb 
ok                 fetch_spec.rb 
fixed              fill_spec.rb 
ok                 find_index_spec.rb 
ok                 first_spec.rb 
FAILS              flatten_spec.rb 
ok                 frozen_spec.rb 
FAILS              hash_spec.rb 
ok                 include_spec.rb 
ok                 indexes_spec.rb 
ok                 index_spec.rb 
ok                 indices_spec.rb 
ok                 initialize_copy_spec.rb 
ok                 initialize_spec.rb 
ok                 insert_spec.rb 
FAILS              inspect_spec.rb 
ok                 intersection_spec.rb 
FAILS              join_spec.rb 
FAILS              keep_if_spec.rb 
ok                 last_spec.rb 
ok                 length_spec.rb 
ok                 map_spec.rb 
ok                 minus_spec.rb 
FAILS              multiply_spec.rb 
ok                 new_spec.rb 
ok                 nitems_spec.rb 
FAILS in MRI also  pack_spec.rb 
ok                 partition_spec.rb 
ok                 permutation_spec.rb 
ok                 plus_spec.rb 
FAILS              pop_spec.rb 
!! HANGS           product_spec.rb 
ok                 push_spec.rb 
ok                 rassoc_spec.rb 
ok                 reject_spec.rb 
FAILS              repeated_combination_spec.rb 
FAILS              repeated_permutation_spec.rb 
ok                 replace_spec.rb 
ok                 reverse_each_spec.rb 
ok                 reverse_spec.rb 
FAILS              rindex_spec.rb 
FAILS              rotate_spec.rb 
fixed              sample_spec.rb 
fixed              select_spec.rb 
fixed              shift_spec.rb 
fixed              shuffle_spec.rb 
ok                 size_spec.rb 
FAILS              slice_spec.rb 
FAILS hard to fix  sort_by_spec.rb 
FAILS hard to fix  sort_spec.rb 
ok                 take_spec.rb 
ok                 take_while_spec.rb 
ok                 to_ary_spec.rb 
ok                 to_a_spec.rb 
ok                 to_s_spec.rb 
ok                 transpose_spec.rb 
ok                 try_convert_spec.rb 
ok                 union_spec.rb 
fixed              uniq_spec.rb 
ok                 unshift_spec.rb 
ok                 values_at_spec.rb 
fixed              zip_spec.rb
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